"The Amazing, One-Of-A-Kind Hitting System That Will Add Bat Speed, 
Improve Timing, Increase Exit Velocity And Turn Ordinary Hitters Into Extraordinary Hitters!"
You have seen these guys before…

They walk up to the plate and you immediately get the feeling they have an advantage. They have not even swung the bat…but they just look like a hitter. Everyone in the park knows something is going to happen. 

They’re Complete Hitters.

Why is it that some players that seem to have all the athleticism in the world can’t hit while others who wouldn’t pass the look test can absolutely rake?

Is it simply something they were born with?  


Let me explain…Hitting is not something that comes naturally, no matter what anyone tells you. 
It is a learned skill. 

Unfortunately, access to the right knowledge to become a Complete Hitter is not easy to come by.   
Between the internet gurus, the private hitting instructors, High School coaches, Travel Ball coaches and everyone else offering input – it’s almost impossible to know what’s right and what’s not when it comes to reaching your potential as a hitter.
You may be at the point where you have started to question things…
  • Why are you working so hard and not seeing the improvement you want?
  • Why can’t you find the right tools and resources to help you reach your true potential?
  • Why do you always feel like there is something missing? 
  • What do the guys at the next level know that you don’t?
Or worse yet…

…Have you ‘maxed out’ your ability?   

If you find yourself feeling frustrated looking for these answers, there is a solution…   

The Complete Hitter is the only product on the market that addresses EVERY aspect of hitting.
In order to become a great hitter, you need to master many skills…

Mechanics, Improved Bat Speed, Improved Vision, Precise Timing, Mental Preparation, A Winning Approach and Physical Training.

Let’s look at these and explain what we mean.

With The Complete Hitter, you will improve each of these aspects.  Here’s how. ..
We provide a step by step program that is simple and has helped hitters of any age deliver big time results for the last 15 years.
Most mechanical issues happen because of vision issues – not swing issues. This program will teach you how to handle every pitch and consistently “barrel” balls up.
Train to have unbreakable confidence and toughness. Now you can possess that ‘intimidation factor’ opposing pitchers dread.
This program is going to show you how to gain 10MPH on your bat speed and 8-10 MPH on your exit velocity within 6 weeks.
Timing is the key to getting game results. We will teach you how to train so that you are always on time. Imagine never swinging at breaking balls in the dirt again!
Successful players are successful because they know what they are doing and know how to repeat it. Now you can learn how to have the right game plan in every situation
Baseball is a traditional sport and – unfortunately – uses ancient training techniques. We use innovative training drills and concepts to produce results when it means the most: Game Time
More on this in a minute…

How can you be feel confident with the information inside The Complete Hitter

Because this system has been produced by someone who has been there and generated consistent results year after year.

My name is Brian Harrison and I’m the Head Baseball Coach at Baldwin-Wallace University.
Like many high school aged baseball players I had a burning desire to play baseball at the highest level possible.

During my high school years I wasn’t what you would call the best player on the team. As a matter of fact, I hit .235 my junior year in high school as a starter. However, like many of you reading this, my work ethic and time that I put into the game was second to none. I spent countless hours going in the cage, doing tee work and anything else I could do to become a better hitter. 

Yet I didn’t see the reward for the work I was putting in. 

I was lucky enough to have some awesome coaches. I am so grateful for everything they tried to do for me, but I was looking for something a little more when it came to training. I was looking for a mentor or a partner if you will. Someone who was going to help guide me through this process.

The problem is that I grew up in the old school generation where more of the same was the answer instead of looking for a better way. 

Through my efforts I developed enough to be a walk on at a small Division 2 school. Out of a 35 man roster I was number 35 for my first two years. I was that ‘cage-aholic’ type of guy that was always hitting.    

I was always trying to find a way to get better, but again, my hard work didn’t pay off.     

I always knew I was capable of more. I always knew I could play at the next level but back then, I was having a really hard time just not getting cut from the team. 

It wasn’t until my junior year of college that I had a career changing moment. That’s when I started to unlock my potential and completely changed as a player. I was introduced to a bat speed program, the mental game and vision training.     
Talk about going from zero to hero. I was now that middle of the order guy that pitchers feared. My last two years in college I hit a total of 36 home runs and was named All-American while leading my team to the World Series. I carried myself differently, had rock-solid confidence, and absolutely loved coming to the ball park. I improved my bat speed 17 MPH in the course of a single off season. I developed into a complete hitter.

I was living proof that good hitters can be made and weren’t “just born with it”.    

I couldn’t run well, was a fairly poor fielder with an average arm but now I could hit, and that alone allowed me to play professional baseball for a short period of time.

Not many guys can make that claim – especially guys that hit .235 in high school.     

When my professional playing days were done, I still wanted to be a part of the game. I became a volunteer coach at the local community college. I wanted to give the players I coached the edge that allowed me to go from bench player to All-American. 

Two years into my time there I was asked to be the head coach when the existing head coach moved on. I wasn’t sure the who head coaching thing was for me, but I took the leap and within two years we’d set the school record for wins in a season and had become known as an offensive powerhouse. 

Shortly thereafter, I accepted the head coaching job at Urbana University, a small school in Southwestern Ohio. It had been a struggling program prior to my arrival. In my second year at Urbana we won 37 games, engineered the greatest turnaround in NAIA Baseball history and were ranked in the top 25 in the country in nearly every offensive category. Our team set school records in nearly every category in my 3 year stay at Urbana.      

The next stop for me was the University of Dayton. In 2009 we were conference champs for the first time in school history. That team was ranked in the top 25 in nearly every Division I offensive category. More importantly, during my three years at Dayton we had more players drafted than in the previous history of the program. I started to become known for my ability to develop an intimidating offense and consistently be part of to turning programs into winners. 

In 2010, I had to chance to move back to my hometown of Cleveland and took the Head Coaching position at Baldwin Wallace, where I have been ever since. In 2014 we finished fifth at the College World Series and were ranked as high as 2nd in the country in 2015.    

Why do I tell you all this? 

Because my approach to developing the Complete Hitter has been proven on the field. First during my time as a player, then in four different programs.  

This isn’t stuff that just works in the cage…it’s proven to produce Championship and Professional caliber players that reach their potential. 

"During the 2008 through 2010 baseball seasons, Brian Harrison was responsible for our offense at The University of Dayton. In my seventeen seasons as the baseball coach at UD, our 2009 (.332 BA, 77 HRs) and 2010 (.301 BA, 63 HRs) teams were our best offensive teams. Without a doubt, this had to do with Coach Harrison's systematic offensive approach both mentally and physically. His offensive knowledge in the game of baseball will finish second to nobody. He will make you or your team better!"
Tony Vitorio 
University of Dayton Baseball
“I had the honor and privilege of working alongside Briand for three years at Dayton and I am here to tell you that his passion and knowledge for the art of hitting from the physical and mental aspects are off the chart. The only thing more impressive than his knowledge is his ability to convey it to his players.” 
Todd Linklater
Ball State University baseball
"I've said this for several years, but I truly believe Coach Harrison is one of the top hitting coaches in the entire country. His results at every level: Professional, Division I, Division III, and Junior College speak for themselves. As impressive as the results are, and they are impressive, Coach Harrison's greatest gift is his never ending search for knowledge. This product unlocks years and years of his pursuit on how to develop the complete offensive player."
Michael Deegan
Denison University
Head Baseball Coach
“Ever since the first time I met Coach Harrison I could tell his passion for hitting. He is one of my top guys I go to about my hitters and definitely one of the best hitting guys in the country. His knowledge doesn’t just produce a hitter with a good swing but gets results on the field where it matters!”
Matt Talarico 
Assistant baseball Coach
Wright State Uni
“I witnessed what Coach Harrison did with those guys at Dayton and it was awesome! That guy can teach hitting!”
Ross Oeder
Penn State baseball
Coach Harrison has great knowledge of the game and especially in regards to hitting. In my time playing for him he turned a average .300 hitter in high school to a First Team A10 third baseman hitting .400. He taught the mechanical side through drills and video but also put a major focus on vision, timing, and the mental game. Not a better guy out there to learn from in regards to hitting.
Jimmy Roesinger 
Air Force Academy
Assistant Baseball Coach
“Nobody can teach hitting like Coach Harrison. The results his hitters attain are amazing. Look at his track record. If you want the best, then purchase this product.”
Brett Merritt
Eastern New Mexico University
The complete hitter system will improve your game. I am a huge believer in what Coach Harrison teaches. He is simply one of the best out there. You should purchase this product.”
Nick Otte
Xavier University Baseball

Brian Harrison's results speak for themselves. His teams are consistently among the most dangerous, most difficult to get out and most improved that we face. His methods simply work."
Matt Englander
Case Western University
The complete hitter program is outstanding. The amount of content and the way it is put together is really awesome. I highly recommend this program for anyone looking to improve their game!”
Chase Rowe
LaRoche College Baseball
I got to know Brian well when he coached at Dayton and have a ton of respect for him as a hitting instructor and baseball coach in general. Although I don't see him as much now that he's up at BW, Brian is still the first guy I call if I have an idea, question or just want to talk some hitting. He is simply one of the best in the country!”
Jeremy Ison
Miami University baseball
“Coach Harrison is an unbelievable instructor of the game of baseball. His information is invaluable to athletes that are looking to take their game to the next level. I definitely recommend him and his stuff.”
Nick Vinuto
Houston Astros
“Coach Harrison is an unbelievable baseball mind. Your crazy If you don’t purchase this product.
Chris Mongiardo
Professional baseball manager
Lake Erie Crushers
“I’ve been fortunate enough to be around a lot of great baseball people in the last 20 years. When I want an opinion or have a question about hitting, I go to Brian.”
Dan Machovina
Assoc. scout Los Angeles Dodgers
“Coach Harrison is the best hitting instructor I know. I’ve personally seen the improvements his players have made over the last few years and it’s incredible.”
Josh Bienamann
Assoc Scout – Boston Redsox
“In all the years I played professional baseball I had a bunch of different hitting guys. Some of the biggest names in the game and if someone were to ask me today to recommend a hitting guy, without question, I would say Brian Harrison”
Terry Bell
Former Major League player
1983 1st round draft pick.
"Brian Harrison is one of the most passionate and best teachers of the game of baseball. He possesses a wealth of knowledge in hitting and tremendous communication skills to relate to his plaeyrs. He has a proven track record of developing hitters. He is a true student of the game.”
Mark Connor
Director of Amateur Scouting
San Diego Padres
“Brian is an outstanding baseball mind. When he wasat Dayton those guys could flat out hit. He had a huge increase on their success and he is doing that same at BW. You should look into Complete Hitter”
Craig Stammen
Current Major League baseball Player
Washington Nationals
“Brian’s passion and enthusiasm for the game is exemplified by his desire and ability to continually break down aspects of the game, then communicate it to his players. He’s a go to guy, when it comes to discussing the game of baseball.”
Chris Check
Cleveland Indians Assoc Scout
“I do not believe that I would have been drafted by the San Diego Padres in 2010 or realized my dream of playing professional baseball without Brian Harrison. Coach Harrison changed the way I approached hitting, both from a physical and mental standpoint, but did it in a way that was easy to understand by breaking the different parts of the game into smaller, more manageable pieces. Brian Harrison is one of the best baseball guys I have ever been around and I would not have had the success I had without him”
Cole Tyrell 
Former minor league player - San Diego Padres
“Hitting for me was all about anticipation and timing. I always had an anticipated base timing for every pitch, which would change depending on pitcher type, count, and game situation. Once Coach told me how to do that, my career took off. There is no way I would have been drafted without his tutelage.”
Brian Blasik 
Former minor league player – Houston Astros
“Brian Harrison is without a doubt one of the best offensive minds in the game. If you don’t purchase this product you are missing the boat. You will improve tremendously. He is an unbelievable teacher of the game of baseball.”
Scott Patterson 
Northeast Baseball – Mass
“Coach’s ability to get in depth but make it really simple is what makes him special! My batspeed increased 18 MPH in less than a year, that’s why I played a little pro ball”
Jeff Thamann 
Former player – Rockford Riverhawks
“Coach Harrison is without a doubt the best hitting coach I've ever had. Through countless hours of studying an individual's swing, he has the ability to match a player's strengths with their style of play and develop the most efficient swing possible. Additionally, Coach Harrison also focuses a great deal on the mental aspect of baseball. Combined, he gives each player the capability to exceed their given potential and make the most of their ability.”
Kevin Miller
University of Dayton '08 Team MVP, All-Conference
2008 University of Dayton Male Scholar-Athlete of the Year
"In my MVP season of 2007, no one had a bigger influence on my approach to hitting than Brian Harrison. Having played in the New York Mets organization for 3 years, I had a chance to work with all types of hitting coaches and instructors, none in which ever brought out the most of my ability like Coach Harrison. As for a one on one instruction, Brian is on a whole other plain. Never has someone shown an understanding on a personal and professional level to hitting as he showed with me on a daily basis. He is by far one of the best and smartest baseball personalities that I have come across in my six years of professional baseball."
Travis Garcia
2007 Frontier League MVP
Three-Time Frontier League All-Star
"Coach Harrison has made his mark as a collegiate level baseball coach with one simple philosophy in mind; he deeply cares about his student-athletes. With the true belief in the development of an individuals core attributes, that of mind, body, and soul, Brian has dedicated countless hours to the betterment of others which naturally has transcended into his success on the baseball field."
Doug Young 
Director of Athletics
Urbana University
“Coach Harrison provided me with all the necessary tools, both physical and mental, to become a complete college hitter. I was introduced to techniques and training methodologies I had never been exposed to before, which promoted quick and continuous improvement in my offensive game. Coach Harrison helped me to raise my batting average from .242 to .410 over my career and was the primary reason I developed into a Division III All American at Baldwin Wallace University.”
Brendan Toughey
Former Player
“This program helped me elevate my play to All American status. If you want to get better at baseball, you are crazy if you don’t purchase this product. His methods worked wonders for me.”
Kyle Chontos
2014 NCAA D3 All-American
Coach Harrison was the most influential and impactful coach I ever played for. His ability to share his passion and knowledge were key to my future success. Most importantly -- Brian taught me how to analyze my own swing and helped teach me how to continue to learn on my own”
Rob Vernon 
Played 3 years in the Independent Frontier League as on outfielder
3 year Division 1 baseball letter winner highlighted by:
2007 Div 1 ABCA All Southeast region team 2007 Div 1 1st Team All Big South Conference
2006 Division 1 Big South championship MVP & conference champion Still holds more than half a dozen batting records at Div 1 UNC Asheville
The Complete Hitter Is THE Proven System For Offensive Success
By putting everything I’ve learned into a consistent system, I developed a way for every ball player to become the best hitter they possibly can.

Inside this program you will find all the tools you need to move up to the next level. Tools that changed my career and took me all the way to professional baseball. 

Here are the details about what is included: 
The best hitters in the game have an efficient swing, not a short swing! 
With our 6 step program we will guide you through the mechanical portion in a step by step manner. It’s a simple program designed to create quick results and not waste your time. These mechanics are simple and easy to learn, and have been proven to be successful regardless of age or level.
This isn’t a one size fits all model. We describe different options and it is for you to determine what fits best and most comfortably into what you are currently doing.

The best hitters put themselves into 3 positions better than average hitters do. The best part about these 3 positions – you don’t have to be physical freak of an athlete to do them.

 Finally, learn how to…
  • 1. Create big league bat path without even working on it!
  • 2. Learn how to self-diagnose any problems
  • 3. Put your body in the best athletic position possible and be in sync
  • 4. Fix most common hitting faults with 1 or 2 of the RIGHT adjustments
  • 5. Understand why most drills are a waste of time
  • 6. See how big league hitters utilize body posture to control the stride speed
  • 7. Avoid the mistake of getting into poor positions even before you even get started
  • 8. Stop lunging, pulling your front shoulder and dropping your back shoulder
Many of these remarkable insights are not what you might think…
If you want to improve your results, improve your vision!
With The Complete Hitter, you will understand these critical concepts.

Each has a HUGE impact on your game whether you understand them or not: 
  • Dynamic Visual Acuity
  • Visual Tracking   
  • Visual Concentration  
  • Hand-Eye Coordination  
  • Visual Speed and Reaction Time  
  • Depth Perception  
Good hitters pick up the ball sooner, but this skill is not the result of good genetics, but can be mastered with a few simple, but powerful techniques.

To this day, I don’t understand why more coaches and players don’t do more vision training… 
If baseball is 90% mental, why do so many players leave this to chance?
What would your game be like if you had the ability to…

…get “into the zone” and stay there for longer periods…

…build “unbreakable” confidence…

…become a mentally tougher player…

…deal with setbacks and failures in a productive manner…

…become a fierce and aggressive player…

…have laser-like focus at the plate for every at bat…

Think that might help your game?

 Unfortunately, even though confidence can make or break careers, this area is often completely overlooked in developing players. 

 Not any more. 

Improved Bat Speed allows you to hit the ball farther, hard and is the key to jumping up in levels of play
Our program will let you create crazy bat speed. Listen, the pro scouts are looking for a few key things from prospects: 

 Running speed, throwing speed and bat speed. Bat speed is king!

Imagine what your game would be like if you improved your bat speed anywhere from 11-15 miles per hour faster in less than one season! 

 Suddenly you become the most feared hitter in the order.

Timing is the key to getting game results and timing can be taught
There are really only 3 simple concepts behind the ability to be ‘on time’:
  • 1) Being in sync with the pitcher
  • 2) Moving forward
  • 3) Body timing
These three things make the difference between connecting with a fastball, adjusting to off-speed pitches and the ability to take the ball to the opposite field when necessary.

Many coaches make this far more complicated than it needs to be. The Complete Hitter breaks this down in a way you simply won’t find at the local cages. 

Our approach is geared towards one thing – getting results when it matters.

Successful hitters are successful because they know what they are doing and why they are doing it. In addition, they execute their plan more consistently than unsuccessful hitters do.  
In order to progress, you must be able to evaluate your strengths and weaknesses, make mechanical assessments and adjustments, evaluate your own skill sets and correct and modify your mental approach.

When you are alone at the plate, your coach is not going to be able to do any of this for you. You need to understand how to act with purpose and adapt to your current situation. 

We show you how.
How to prepare for the next level
The preparation that got you to where you are now is NOT the same preparation which will take you to where you know you can be.
In this module, you will discover how to…
  • 1. Transfer your swing from the cage to the game
  • 2. Create competition with yourself
  • 3. Learn from your failures in order to improve
Find out why hours in the cage may actually be hurting your progress…
Learn why the most successful hitters train smarter not necessarily harder…

Discover the methods pulled from other sports which can help you move forward… 

Avoid the pitfalls of “old-school” methods which simply don’t apply to today’s game… 
  • What are recruiters really looking for?
  • Why are some talented athletes overlooked?
  • How important is speed?
  • How can you get more exposure?
You may know you can play at the next level, but what if recruiters don’t see you? 

 We advise you exactly how to navigate this stressful process without it becoming a distraction to your play.
The Complete Hitter is – quite simply – the most complete, well-researched product on the market. The tools, resources, techniques and insights have been pulled together over years of experience.

More importantly, from SUCCESSFUL experience.
The product has been structured in unique and innovative style putting professional instruction into your hands as a fraction of the cost of private coaching.
I am certain you will see breakthroughs you could not have expected.
Keep in mind what the great Ted Williams said, “There has always been a saying in baseball that you can’t make a hitter, but I think you can improve a hitter. More than you can improve a fielder. More mistakes are made hitting than in any other part of the game.”
Isn’t it time you became the one striding up to the plate and putting the other team on edge and making the opposing pitcher question each signal?

You have become the “tough out”. 
Committed to improving your game,
Brian Harrison
GUARANTEE – If you are not completely thrilled by the results of The Complete Hitter I will happily refund your money. In fact, you can keep my product for a full 60 days. If you don’t truly believe I have over-delivered and you have not benefited from this information, simply contact me for a full refund.
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